Science Camps Concluded at IIT Palakkad

Curtains down: Ten-day Residential Science Camps Concluded at IIT Palakkad

Wed, 31st May, 2023 - 06:30 pm

The ten-day residential camps, Science Quest and CRYSTAL that started on 22 May concluded with the valedictory function on 31 May 2023. Prof. A. Seshadri Sekhar, Director, IIT Palakkad, inaugurated the event. In his inaugural address, he motivated the students to pursue their passion and emphasized the importance of adaptability and adjustability to overcome future challenges in their academic lives.

Prof. Jagadeesh Bayry (Dean of Student Affairs) delivered an engaging talk on the defense system of our body, focusing on the basics of the human immune system and its role in combating pathogens and harmful substances.

The ten-day camp covered diverse topics in various aspects of Science and Engineering Technology. Each day of the camp was led by a department from IIT Palakkad. The interactive sessions ranged from cultivating mental health in the classroom to Graph theory, from explaining the concept of Sustainability to ‘Chemistry around you’. Students were immersed in fun-filled engaging activities and demonstrations that exposed them to a different perspective of science, leaving a lasting impression on the participants.
Certificates were distributed to the participants by the esteemed Director, Prof. A. Seshadri Sekhar along with other Faculty members such as Prof. Jagadeesh Bayry, Dr. Laksmi, Associate Dean, Dr. Bibhu and Dr. Roshita.

During the feedback session, students expressed immense happiness to have participated in the camp.