Day 4 - Science Quest: Electrifying Exploration: Empowering Students through Circuit Construction and Soldering

Thu, 25th May, 2023 - 06:30 pm

The Department of Electrical Engineering hosted Day 4 of the Crystal and Science Quest 2023 program. During this session, students were assigned a stimulating task that required them to construct an electrical circuit. Dr. Swaroop Sahoo and the dedicated Electrical Engineering team, comprising Mr. Mariakumar, Mr. Pinku Sebastin, and Mr. Pisharody Harikrishnan, provided leadership and support to the student group throughout the session. They assisted the students with circuit schematics, component selection, and PCB layout. A wide range of electronic parts, including resistors, capacitors, transistors, and integrated circuits, was made available to the students. They were encouraged to experiment with various circuit setups to gain a deeper understanding of how the individual components operated in conjunction with one another. With the guidance of Dr. Swaroop Sahoo and the Electrical Engineering team, the students successfully implemented their circuit designs on the printed circuit boards (PCBs).

Following the completion of the circuit construction, the students received instruction on soldering techniques. The Electrical Engineering team closely monitored their work and provided guidance on proper methods for soldering components to the PCB. Under the supervision of Mr. Mariakumar, Mr. Pinku Sebastin, and Mr. Pisharody Harikrishnan, the students meticulously soldered each component, ensuring adherence to safe soldering practices such as establishing secure connections and avoiding solder bridges. The students gained valuable hands-on experience in electronics through the process of constructing circuits and soldering. By translating their circuit ideas into tangible implementations, they developed an appreciation for the challenges and complexities involved in building functional electrical systems in real-world scenarios. Dr. Swaroop Sahoo and the staff of the Electrical Engineering department played a significant role in fostering the students' knowledge and enthusiasm for electronics.

The circuit implementation and soldering activities conducted as part of the Crystal and Science Quest 2023 program at IIT Palakkad successfully acquainted the students with the world of electronics. This session was hosted by IIT Palakkad in collaboration with the Kerala government. The knowledge and training gained by the students in this program will greatly contribute to their future endeavors in electronics.