Day 9 - Science Quest: Take a peep into the future with man & machines; A Day with Mechanical Engineers

Tue, 30th May, 2023 - 06:30 pm

The Department of Mechanical Engineering hosted the enthusiastic children of the CRYSTAL and Science Quest Program on the 9th day. The opening lecture session showcased the evolution from basic scientific inventions to engineered products, emphasizing the significance of  stone-age inventions, wheel and fire in human history. Dr. Santhakumar, the speaker highlighted the potential of combining human wisdom and machine intelligence for future wonders. Dr. Kanmani Subbu discussed the engineering process behind real-life products, using examples like pens and pencils. Various classes of materials, their synthesis and suitable manufacturing processes were detailed. The participants gained insights into additive manufacturing and rapid prototyping. The event also included visits to research facilities and demonstrations of lab experiments by staff and research scholars. Some children even interacted with machines, engaging in activities like handshakes with spinning levers and taking selfies, sparking their excitement.