IAC DAY 2: Exploring Diverse Horizons

Sun, 17th Sep, 2023 - 06:30 pm

Day two of IAC 5.0 showcased a diverse array of more than 20 sessions, ranging from the Indian Power System to Photonic Quantum Computers. Each session provided valuable insights across various fields of expertise, fostering a vibrant spirit of innovation and knowledge exchange.

The distinguished speakers included  Ms. Rethi Nair (General Manager at SRLDC and Grid Controller of India Limited), Mr. Pradeep Jha (Executive Director at JPMorgan & Chase Co.), Dr. Rahul Kumar Dubey, (Robert Bosch (RBEI/ETM)), Dr. Praveen Krishna(IIST Thiruvananthapuram), Dr. Pankaj Achlerkar (General Electric (GE) Renewable Energy), Mr. Sudish (SIWIM), Dr. Anil Mavila, (Founder & Chief Technologist, inDERMA Medical Devices), Dr. Debarshini Chakraborty (CCAMP), Dr. Rajashekar (Head of R&D, BEML Palakkad Complex), Dr. Sheela Siddappa (Kyndryl), Dr. Manish Grover (Aurea BioLabs), Dr. Deepthi Pilakkat (IPTIF), Mr. Shebeer Mohammed (Managing Director, enCAD), Mr. Shailendra Rao (Filtrex), Mr. Shanmuga Raja (Jacobs), Mr. Raghu Venkatesh, (Head of Business, Anscer Robotics) and Mr. Sagar Bele, (EY LLB)

The two-day Industrial Academy Conclave witnessed enthusiastic participation from tech enthusiasts and visionaries alike. The event concluded with a panel discussion, where ideas and insights converged to inspire future innovations and collaborations.