IGNITE 2023 Sets the Stage for ACE-Annual Civil Engineering Event

Sat, 11th Nov, 2023 - 06:45 pm

The Association of Civil Engineers (ACE) at IIT Palakkad proudly celebrated the inaugural edition of their annual civil engineering event, 'IGNITE 2023,' on November 11, 2023. IGNITE serves as a dynamic platform for fellow civil engineers to unite, interact, and learn from experts across various disciplines within the field.

To mark this significant occasion, the event featured a compelling session on 'Smart Mobility - Roadmap to Sustainable Urban Transport' by Mr. GP Hari, former Additional General Manager (Urban Transport) of Kochi Metro Rail Ltd. With nine years of expertise in smart urban mobility, Mr. Hari delved into the transformative impact of intelligent transportation systems on urban living. The talk navigated through the intricacies of modern city life, exploring innovative solutions that promise to enhance mobility, sustainability, and overall human life quality through technological and policy-level interventions.