IIT Palakkad's Petrichor and Open House 2024 Showcase Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Cultural Splendor

Wed, 7th Feb, 2024 - 06:34 pm

IIT Palakkad successfully concluded its annual technocultural extravaganza, Petrichor, and Open House 2024 on January 28, marking two thrilling days of interaction with the public. Aimed at familiarizing parents and school students with the institute's vibrant atmosphere, the event attracted approximately 2000 students along with their parents and teachers from schools across Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

This year, the event featured 13 stalls organized by various departments, each showcasing cutting-edge research activities and innovations. Demonstrations included the measurement of photosynthesis using a Licor instrument, a 4-wheeled skid steering outdoor robot, pigment separation of Spinach by column chromatography, solubility test of curcumin, and more, providing a diverse range of scientific insights.

The tech fest drew large crowds with thrilling events such as VR Gaming, Laser Tag, Robo Wars, and Drone Clash. Informal events such as Choreo Clash, Band Wars, musical performances, and a Fashion Frenzy added a lively and spirited atmosphere. Seven workshops, 15 technical events, and 19 cultural events were organized to provide participants with a comprehensive and enriching experience.The entire program was meticulously planned, coordinated, and executed by a dedicated team of 250 student volunteers for the Open House program.

The program commenced on January 27 and was inaugurated by Dr. Sanjeeb Patjoshi, IPS, Director General Chairman & Managing Director of the State Housing & Construction Corporation, Government of Kerala. On the concluding day, Mr. R Hutton, the Project Director of ISRO's Gaganyan Mission, addressed the institute community.